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Coastal FC encourages members to wear pink on Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Posted on Monday, February 26 at 10:15 am PT

On February 28th, 2024, Coastal FC will acknowledge Pink Shirt Day - a global anti-bullying campaign where millions of people wear pink to raise awareness.

We encourage all Coastal FC players, coaches, parents & staff to wear pink to their training sessions on Wednesday, February 28th, to show their support against bullying and to promote kindness. If you choose to participate, please share & upload photos of you wearing pink HERE! 

For more information and resources about Pink Shirt Day, please visit

History of Pink Shirt Day (Source: CBC)

In 2007 in Nova Scotia, Grade 12 students David Shepherd, Travis Price and a few friends saw that a Grade 9 student was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. They knew they had to do something to show that this kind of behaviour was not OK. They decided to go out and buy a bunch of pink shirts and hand them out to other students to wear. By the end of that week, most of the students in the school were wearing pink shirts to show support for the Grade 9 student who was bullied. 

Pink Shirt Day has now spread and become a national day of anti-bullying across Canada and other countries worldwide!



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