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Thank you for joining us! Please take a moment to view the award recipients, photo gallery & 360 Video Booth links from the 11th Annual Awards Night Celebration, held at the Gracepoint Community Church in Surrey, BC, on Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

Awards Night Nominations

Please nominate players, teams, and team staff worthy of consideration for one (or more) of our Coastal FC Awards using the form below. Be sure to specify which award you are nominating them for. Note that a nominee's performance over the past several years may be considered for the award (i.e. the awards may be for cumulative actions, rather than just those in the past year)


Important: Please submit your nominations by Monday, February 5rd, 2024 - 11:50pm to be considered for this year's awards.

2024 Awards List:


Awards – Heart & Hustle Teammate:

The Heart & Hustle Teammate award is awarded to a member of each team, with coaches submitting nominations based on input gathered from the players on the team prior to the deadline. This player stands out for their exceptional qualities in sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork. Teammates nominate individuals who consistently display a positive attitude and bring enthusiasm to both training sessions and games.


Awards – Players of the Year:

The Player of the Year award is presented to an exceptional individual whose outstanding performance, dedication, and sportsmanship on the field have not only contributed significantly to the team’s success but have also set them apart as a standout player within the Coastal FC Community. This award is awarded to any male and any females in Coastal FC.

Awards – Coaching Staff of the Year:

The Coaching Staff of the Year award is presented to a team’s coaching staff whose collaborative efforts, expertise, and commitment assisted in fostering player development and have significantly contributed to the team’s success which has left a lasting positive impression within the Coastal FC community. This award is awarded to any teams coaching staff in Coastal FC.


Awards – Teams of the Year:

This award is given to teams that display superior sportsmanship, achieve excellence on the field, and deserve recognition for their achievements. This award could also go to teams that have shown the most improvement over the duration of the season through hard work and determination, or to teams that have made contributions to the community in some way that should be rewarded. This award is presented to male and female teams in the recreational, prospects/divisional and BCSPL programs.

Recreational: Male & Female                 Prospects/Divisional/BCSPL: Male & Female                                                               


Coastal FC’s Most Inspirational Player

This award goes to a player who has demonstrated characteristics and determination that go beyond the team experience.  Often (but not necessarily) these players have overcome adversity in their lives, have made significant contributions in the Club or community, or have otherwise demonstrated characteristics that can serve to inspire players throughout the Club.


Referee of the Year

This award is given to a referee, who has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the laws of the game, is accountable and reliable, and has consistently demonstrated good judgement and fairness when challenged.

Small-Sided: Male & Female                 Full-Sided: Male & Female     


Coastal Cares – Community Award:

The Coastal Cares Award is a special recognition that celebrates the impactful connection between Coastal FC and the community. This award is dedicated to an individual or team that go beyond the field, embodying the spirit of compassion, outreach and service. Whether through community service projects, charitable partnerships, or initiatives that foster inclusivity, the Coastal Cares Award honors those who contribute to making a positive and lasting impact beyond the soccer pitch.

Presidents Award – (Previously: Volunteer of the Year):

The Presidents Award is presented to an individual recognized for their outstanding contributions, demonstrated strong leadership, and had a profound positive impact on Coastal FC. This award is a testament to the recipient’s outstanding commitment to the club’s guiding principles and values. 

Coastal College Bound:

Graduating Coastal FC Boys and Girls who have committed to a College or University soccer program are recognized with their achievement.

Scholarship: Christie McGlashan Memorial - Click HERE to Apply

Graduating Coastal FC Boys and Girls are eligible for the Christie McGlashan Memorial Bursary.  Applications for the Fall 2023/2024 season will be accepted until February 15, 2024.

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