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BCSPL Intake Selection Process 

To comply with the Canadian Soccer Association “National Youth Club Licence” criteria, player selections and teams will continue to be formed using a season-long evaluation and scouting process. This will be a continuation of a consistent process that has been used for a number of years now. 


As you are aware, the club operates a 6-7 month evaluation period starting in September and ending in February/March.

Player performance in training and games between September and February/March is the most significant evaluation period. This period is the main opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and earn selection to the BCSPL Intake team.


The process for the upcoming Coastal FC BCSPL Intake team selection is as follows:

1. What is the timeline that Coastal FC will be offering BCSPL Intake spots to players in the 2011 age group?

Clubs can offer an invitation to join a BCSPL team to players that are currently registered at the U13 Age Group from mid-January to February 28.


2. How are players evaluated and selected?

Players will be evaluated and selected through a combination of scouting at training sessions, games, academy sessions, feedback from U13 club coaches, and feedback from Technical Directors. Club Technical Directors, technical staff, U13 club coaches, and Intake team head coaches will spend time familiarizing themselves with players within the age group over several months, and in some cases years, which ensures that players have been thoroughly evaluated within the numerous environments available. This process ensures that final selections can be based on player performance over the course of the season, and indeed over recent years (U12-U13).


The coaching staff will evaluate players in their various developmental environments using a variety of different structures, training sessions, academy sessions, small-sided games, 11-a-side games, tiered environments, and balanced environments in order to see how players respond to different challenges and levels. Players may find themselves in a higher tier one session, and a lower tier in another session. Being placed in a higher or lower tier is not an indicator a player will be offered a spot, and is not an indicator they won’t be offered a spot. Tiering allows the coaches to place players into different environments in order to create the best opportunity for them to showcase themselves. In order for players to showcase themselves best, this may mean being in the highest tier, the lowest tier, or even a balanced environment. Regardless of the structure, player placement should not be seen as guaranteed selection to the program. It’s a long process and players can change a lot over the duration of the process.


3. How many players are selected?

Between 14-17 outfield players and between 1-2 goalkeepers to make a team of 16-18 players total.

4. When will players be offered spots?

Players can be offered spots any time from mid-January to February 28th. Some players may be offered spots mid-January, while some may be offered spots later in the window if further evalautuon is required.​

5. If offered a spot, do players need to accept immediately?

For the purpose of concluding the process quickly, we hope that players will accept immediately upon being offered a spot. However, players (through their parent or guardian) are not required to accept BCSPL roster spots immediately. Players and their parents/guardians are encouraged to be respectful of the club making the offer of a roster spot as they may be required to offer opportunities to other players on challenging timelines if a response is not provided in a timely manner. Responses to all invitations to join BCSPL teams are required within 5 days.

6. Can I share information with other players if I am offered a spot?

As you can appreciate, the process may raise a lot of anxiety for players who are waiting to receive an offer. Therefore, we would ask that families manage the situation with understanding, empathy, and compassion for those involved in the process who may not have been offered a spot immediately. As such, we would request that no information is shared verbally, by text, or on any social media platforms until the process is complete. We would ask those who receive an offer celebrate this news privately and respectfully within their own immediate family and allow the process to complete before sharing information. In advance, parents should take an active role in mentally preparing and managing their child in how to deal with the situation should they be offered a spot or not.


7. When will players be informed if they are not being offered a spot?

Players not being offered a spot will be informed via email on March 1st and/or once the roster has been completed.

We hope this answers most of the common questions, but as always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out to

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