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2022 Fall - 2023 Spring Volunteer Program

Volunteerism is an integral part of Coastal FC operations.  There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the season/year for parents to participate in. These opportunities are generally communicated by email. 


Below you will find an explanation of how the volunteer fee/credit works:

  1. The Coastal FC volunteer fee is $100.00.

  2. This is charged per player in the Fall (2022) season only.

  3. We do not allow a credit to be earned in advance. For example: if you have not paid your volunteer fee before, and you volunteer in the spring season, you would not earn the credit for the upcoming fall. It’s only once you have paid the volunteer fee can you earn the credit. 

  4. Parents can be credited/reimbursed for the volunteer fee in two ways: 

    1. If you volunteer 4 hours in the Fall 2022 season or the 2023 Spring season and paid the Fall 2022 volunteer fee, you will receive a code to be applied for your Fall 2023 registration. This code will reduce your registration by the amount of the volunteer fee for that season only.

    2. If a player ceases to play soccer beyond the Spring 2023 season and volunteer hours were completed, the registering parent(s) can apply to have their $100.00 refunded 

  5. If you continue to perform 4 hours of volunteerism annually, you will only be required to pay the volunteer fee at the initial time of registration and you would be eligible to have your fee reimbursed at the end of the player’s final season with Coastal FC. 

  6. If you have a disruption in volunteerism at Coastal FC (ie. You didn’t volunteer in the fall or spring season that year), the volunteer payment would be retained, no credit code would be issued for a subsequent season, and the volunteer fee would be paid again at the next fall registration (assuming the player returns).

  7. All volunteers must be registered as a volunteer and if you are working in a team capacity, you must have a valid CRC on file to receive the Volunteer Credit and/or refund. 


How can I receive the Volunteer Credit?

The Club will provide ample opportunities throughout the season to allow every parent an opportunity to receive their volunteer credit.


 Volunteer positions include:

  • Head Coach

  • Assistant Coach

  • Team Manager

  • Team Photo Distribution

  • Equipment handout, collection, and organization

  • Pinnie washing

  • Parking Patrol

  • Tournaments and Events - various positions

  • Lost and Found Set Up 

  • Gender Rep for Teams

Volunteer opportunities for special events will be sent out to club members when they are available. If you are in need of volunteer hours watch your email or please contact Shelley Chin:

Criminal Record Checks

Do all Volunteers need a Criminal Record Check?

All team staff (coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and gender reps) must be registered and have a current Criminal Record Check. CRC's are mandatory for all Team Staff Volunteers. If you are not registered or have a current CRC when volunteering with a team you may not receive your volunteer credit for the following Fall season.. 

CRC Link For Volunteers

Coastal FC is now enrolled with the BC Government's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service also referred to as CRC. Your CRC is valid for 3 years, as per BC soccer rules. A CRC is mandatory for all volunteers for boys and girls teams from u5-u18.

The CRC program satisfies BC Soccer's Risk Management requirements.

You may now apply for a CRC online and no longer have to go to the RCMP unless fingerprints are necessary. This service is offered free to Coastal FC volunteers. The results of your CRC will be emailed to


Follow the instructions on the link below using the Coastal FC direct link:

Online Link:

If a volunteer access code is required: Coastal FC Volunteer Access code : 46B79P5PJA

We hope that the CRC program will make it easier for Coastal FC volunteers to comply with BC Soccer's Risk Management requirements.

Please note: If you are asked to have fingerprinting done by the CRC program:

The fingerprints will be good for 10 years and can be transferred to other agencies, but you will need to go to RCMP of your city in which you reside. South Surrey residents must use the Surrey Dispatch. They will not be accepted at White Rock Police station.

If you cannot use the on-line CRC option, then you must obtain your CRC through the RCMP


Instructions - RCMP Criminal Record Check (only if you can not use the on-line CRC option)


The Surrey RCMP and White Rock RCMP have given us the following instructions for resident Volunteers. It should help to make this a smooth process. You must get your in person CRC done at the city you live in. If you live in Surrey you must get it done at a Surrey Station, you can not get it done in WhiteRock or Langley or anywhere else. 

There are 3 RCMP forms that you will require. 2 forms can be obtain from the police station at any time, they are RCMP CRC 358 and RCMP CRC 392.

Complete all required sections on both forms and initial all 4 boxes under the Category of Information for Disclosure section on the bottom of the RCMP-GRC 3584 form.

The third form is the CoastalFC Volunteer Letter – CRC. This letter establishes that you are a Club volunteer.  With this letter, the CRC will be free of charge.  Without this letter you will have to pay for the CRC. Volunteer Letters can be obtain by emailing

Have all the forms ready including the volunteer letter and at 2 pieces of ID when you go to the RCMP office. The identification you take must include photo ID and show your current address in Surrey (drivers licence is good because it has both a photo and your address). If you have no ID that shows your current,  a BC Hydro, Telephone, or similar bill showing your name and address will suffice.

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