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We understand that knowing where to turn or who to talk to at Coastal FC can be challenging. We are a large club with many programs and people and we hope that the following descriptions and links help you direct your feedback to the appropriate person(s) for review. 


Based on the urgency of the feedback, responses should be received in the same week as the feedback is received. 

Reporting Abuse

If you, or someone close to you has been the victim of unacceptable behaviour, please use the resources below. If you think anyone has been harmed, regardless of age, please report to the Police or RCMP.


If you think a child or youth under 19 years of age is being abused or neglected, you have the legal duty and are required to report your concern to a child welfare worker. 


Use the button below, to submit anonymous and confidential complaints to the ITP Sport "Integrity Counts" system, or call 1-800-758-9412.


These submissions DO NOT go to anyone at Coastal FC, they are entirely independent of the club.  Coastal FC will not know if a complaint is submitted, although we may receive an inquiry to provide information to ITP as part of the process. 

Service Feedback 

If you are a member of Coastal FC and would like to provide feedback about your program, including but not limited to things like scheduling, communication, kit/equipment, etc… please click the button below. 


These submissions will be directed to the appropriate staff member, based on the nature of the feedback. 

Staff Feedback

Staff feedback applies to our professional staff and your volunteer team staff. If you would like to provide feedback at anytime, please click the button below. 


These submissions will be directed to the Coastal FC Executive Director and/or Technical Director for initial review and follow up. 

Escalating Service or Staff feedback to the Board

As a first step, service and staff feedback should be sent to the links above. Should you feel the need to escalate your concern, there is an opportunity to provide information directly to members of the Board, by clicking the button below.

These submissions will be directed to the Coastal FC risk management committee, who are members of the Board. Coastal FC staff will not have visibility on this feedback, unless engaged by the committee. 

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