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Introduction to the Guide


Managing Coastal FC's online reputation is vital, like traditional media. Social media provides global communication, while apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Snapchat offer group chat. Guidelines and best practices are essential. Any misuse of social media can have negative consequences for individuals, coaches, teams, and the club.


This guide sets Coastal FC's expectations and best practices for the use of social media and other communication channels by Coastal FC athletes, coaches, and their teams.


Official Coastal FC Social Media Accounts:


The Club's official social media presence serves the following purposes:

  • Promoting the Club and Club Community

  • Communicating Club Events

  • Celebrating Club and player/team achievements

  • Promoting the sport of soccer and the pathway

  • Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to grow soccer


The Club's official social media presence should not:

  • Convey unsportsmanlike behaviours

  • Encourage public "banter" in any form


Expectations for Personal Social Media Use:

Coastal FC teams share their achievements and challenges on unofficial Club-related social media platforms. While Coastal FC encourages this, everyone must understand the implications of online activities. They must differentiate between speaking "on behalf of the Club or team" or "about" the Club or team.


Guidelines and expectations for representing Coastal FC on social media include:


  • Think before you post. Ask yourself: DO I NEED TO POST THIS? WILL I REGRET THIS LATER? 

  • Remember that everything you post reflects the players, coaches, parents, athletes, and Coastal FC. 

  • Feel free to tag the Club's official accounts in your posts or use the hashtags #coastalfc #bleedblue.

  • Report any misuse or negative comments about Coastal FC found on social media platforms to a Club Executive member. Avoid personally responding, commenting, or engaging in online discussions about such matters.

  • The Club reserves the right to request the shutdown of accounts that do not adhere to these guidelines or the Club policy.


Group Chat Protocol and Best Practices:


Coaches/Managers should:

  • Stay aware of all group chats, including their general tone and mood.

  • Discuss guidelines and rules of group chats with players.

  • Understand the purpose and intention of the group chat, monitoring as necessary.

  • Address controversial comments promptly, whether explicit or potentially controversial.

  • Inform the Club Technical Director (TD) of any controversial issues.

  • Request that chats adhere to reasonable hours.

  • Ensure only team members are included/added to the group chat.


Team/Group chats or posts should:

  • Include all players on the team, including the coach and managers.

  • Have a clear purpose and intention.

  • Limit chat activity to reasonable hours.

  • Exclude non-team members from the chat.

  • Encourage positive comments and interactions that enhance team bonding.

  • Maintain a respectful tone.

  • Always represent the Club positively and in accordance with the Club/BC Soccer/CSA codes of conduct.

  • Encourage players to consider their posts' relevance, necessity, and timing before sharing.


Team/Group chats or posts may not:

  • Directly discuss an individual

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