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What you should expect in the coming weeks and months as it relates to your child's participation in the upcoming 2023/2024 Fall season.


To comply with the Canadian Soccer Association "National Youth Club License" criteria, player selections and teams will continue to be formed using a season-long evaluation and scouting process. This will be a continuation of the process used over the past two years. As normal, we will ensure the honesty and integrity of the process remains intact. 


As you are aware, the club operates a 6-7 month evaluation period starting in September and ending in February/March, depending on the age group. Player performance in training and games between September and February/March is the most significant evaluation period. This period is the main opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and earn selection for the team for the following season. 


Important Note: Players looking for information on the DCS Metro evaluation process please contact Russ Heggie at


The process for the upcoming Coastal FC player and team selections for Fall 2023/2024: 


Step 1 - Coastal will send a list of current registrations to head coaches.


Step 2 - Players who wish to be considered for selection to this seasons rep team program must register by no later than Friday, March 8th, 2024 @ 5:00PM

Step 3 - Once all registrations have been received, players will fall into one of the following three categories based on player performance and evaluation over the course of the previous season:


  • Immediate re-sign - Player will be offered a spot to remain on the rep team they played with the previous season, or they may be offered a spot up a level.


  • Under evaluation - Player will be offered a spot to begin the season on the rep team they played with the previous season, however they will be evaluated through September using the clubs player advancement program to determine the right level. This may require a player to move up a level or down a level at any point during the evaluation window.


  • Release - Player will not be offered a spot to remain on the team they were with the previous season, however they will be offered a spot to play at a lower rep level, or house level.


Step 4 - Head coaches will submit their roster to Coastal FC technical staff for approval.


Step 5 - Once all rosters have been received, Coastal FC technical staff will hold a meeting with each team’s coaching staff to discuss the player registrations / roster submission. Timelines will be announced shortly. 


Step 6 - Following the selection meeting with Coastal’s technical staff, the club will send out invites to selected players. Players will then have 24 hours to accept or decline the offered spot.


Step 7 - Once all rep rosters have been filled, the club will send out regrets letters to those that were unsuccessful and provide them registration details for the club house program.


Important Note: Head Coaches must call and inform all players being Released or being placed Under evaluation prior to the regrets letters being sent out. 


We acknowledge this approach is an adjustment to the normal process, however we are very confident that our Player Advancement Program and season long evaluation process allows us to responsibly and fairly select and place the right players at the right levels.


We hope that this provides clarification and insight on the upcoming Fall 2023/2024 evaluations.

For questions/concerns please contact:

Steven Duffy - 


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