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What you should expect in the coming weeks and months as it relates to your child's participation in the upcoming 2023/2024 Fall season.


To comply with the Canadian Soccer Association "National Youth Club License" criteria, player selections and teams will continue to be formed using a season-long evaluation and scouting process. Therefore, we will no longer be holding traditional “tryouts”. This will be a continuation of the process used over the past two years. As normal, we will ensure that the honesty and integrity of the process remains intact. 


As you are aware, the club operates a 6-7 month evaluation period starting in September and ending in February/March, depending on the age group. Player performance in training and games between September and February/March is the most significant evaluation period. This period is the main opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and earn selection for the team for the following season. 


The process for the upcoming Coastal FC player and team selections for Fall 2023/2024: 


Step 1 -- Players who wish to be considered for selection to this season's rep team program must register online HERE by no later than Friday, March 8th, 2024 @ 5:00PM.


Step 2 - Once all registrations have been received, Coastal FC technical staff will hold a virtual meeting with each team's head coach to discuss the player registrations.


Step 3 - Following the selection meeting with Coastal's technical staff, the club will send out invites to selected players. Players will then have 24 hours to accept or decline the offered spot.


Step 4 - Once all development rosters have been filled, the club will send out notification letters to those that were unsuccessful and provide the registration details for the Coastal House program.

U11/U12/U13– These are the years where teams will play within the “district league”. That is, they will no longer play each week at South Surrey Athletic Park, but instead will play against teams throughout the BC Coastal Soccer League - made up primarily of Delta and Surrey. The U11/U12/U13 league is split into two categories:

    1. U11/U12/U13 Development League – This is a select level league where teams are formed by a combination of season long evaluations and scouting, and integrated player transition through the house program. Teams will be built by the Technical Staff and the Team Head Coaches. The players selected will then participate in a high performance training program throughout the season consisting of 3 training sessions per week, and participation in the British Columbia Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL). We are anticipating having A and B bracket teams in this program depending on numbers and depth of talent. Players not selected will play in the club’s house program where their progress will be monitored for possible selection to the program sometime in the future.  

        Commitment and Conflicting Activities:

  • Players registering for the Rep program must fulfil 75% of the basic program commitments which include 3 training sessions (2 team based training sessions + 1 academy based training session) and 1 game per week, this way program numbers and quality service delivery can be maintained

  • Basic Program Commitments include 3 training sessions 

  • Regular attendance in the CFC club academy is a basic program expectation

  • Players registering for Rep program must make CFC their priority whenever a conflict exists with other sports and activities

  • Players are welcome to participate in other sports and activities as long as it doesn’t conflict with CFC Rep programming

  • Any potential absence or conflict should be communicated to the head coach well in advance


   2. U11 House – This is a program where players are not required to go through a formal evaluation process. These players will be assigned a team and coach upon registration sometime in August. The program will consist of one training session per week and one game per week. All teams formed will then play in the South Fraser District Association House League. Players looking for additional training or development may attend the club academy and specialities academy.

We acknowledge this process may be new to some; however, we are confident that our player transition process and season-long evaluations allow us to responsibly and fairly select and place players at the correct levels.


We hope that this provides clarification and insight on the upcoming Fall 2023/2024 selection process. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Andy King

Steven Duffy

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