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The FALL season U8 age group has 2 specific programs and consists of the following: 


1. U8 Prospects Program 

This is a development program (NOT A REP PROGRAM) where a small group of players will be formed through a process of game day scouting, coach recommendations, and possible post-season scouting sessions. The players identified will then participate in a high-performance training program throughout the fall/winter season consisting of:

  • 2 training sessions per week

    • 1 Team-led session

    • 1 Academy-led session – High-Performance Academy

  • Balanced teams participate in the Prospects Development Series (an exhibition series against other local clubs)

  • Participation in local or regional tournaments

The program will follow Stage 3: “Learning to Train” of the CSA Long–Term Player Development model. This program is for players who are shifting in favour of soccer over other sports and activities. Players not immediately identified for this program will continue to play in the club’s house program where their progress will be monitored for possible participation in the program sometime in the future.


Scouting and player recommendations are ongoing throughout the season, thereby ensuring any potential prospect does not go unnoticed.

Process and dates:

  • January 8th to January 22nd - Request for U8 Prospect Coach Applications.

  • January 23rd to January 31st - Review of applications and interviews if necessary.

  • February 1st - Coach appointments.

  • February 1st to June 14th - Player scouting and recommendations.

  • June 18th to June 24th - Possible scouting/jamboree sessions.

  • June 25th to June 30th - Identified players invited into the Prospects program.

Commitment and Conflicting Activities:

  • Players registering for the program must fulfil 75% of the basic program commitments (2 training sessions + 1 game per week), this way program numbers and quality service delivery can be maintained

  • Players registering for Prospects must make CFC their priority whenever a conflict exists with other sports and activities.

  • Players are welcome to participate in other sports and activities as long as it doesn’t conflict with CFC programming.

  • Any potential absence or conflict should be communicated to the head coach well in advance.

2. U8 House Program 

This is a program where, like this past season, players simply register and are assigned a team and coach upon registration sometime in August. All teams formed will then play in the Coastal FC house program. Players playing within the house program will be monitored throughout the season for possible recommendations and invitations to the Prospects program. The house program consists of one training session per week and one game per week. Players looking for additional training or development may attend the club academy program.


This program will also follow Stage 3: “Learning to Train” of the CSA Long Term Player Development model and is for players who enjoy a balance of other sports and activities in addition to soccer.

Process and dates:

  • July 1st to July 31st - Player registration and coach application.

  • August 1st to August 31st - Team formation and coach appointments.

  • September 1st to 14th - Teams and coaches announced.


Coastal FC is committed to providing a platform for monitoring, evaluating and scouting players. Subsequently, we would like to take this opportunity to outline the process for monitoring and evaluating players for progression in the clubs development pathway, which currently includes house and the Prospects Program at your age group. The role of team coaches in this process is critical and your cooperation and communication are essential.

Step 1: House coaches are to monitor players within their team environment, identify players who are excelling, and make subsequent recommendations to Andy King at


  • Recommendations can be made for any player at any time but must be reported a minimum of once per month if recommendations exist! House coaches should not wait on being approached by the prospects coaches/technical staff for recommendations; your role is to identify players and advocate on their behalf for development opportunities if appropriate.


​Step 2: Upon receiving a recommendation from a house coach, Andy King will host a session for each age group to begin the pre-scout process. These sessions allow our staff to evaluate all recommended players in one place. Players that will not continue with additional sessions will be communicated with by Andy King.


Step 3: Once evaluated, the highest ranking players from the Player ID Sessions will be invited into some training sessions to be given exposure to our Development Program. With further evaluation within that environment. This will lead into possible train-up and play-up opportunities as a result of these sessions. Player migration, potential integration and feedback will be communicated by Andy King.


Step 4: Once teams are being formed in February for the Spring season and in May for the Fall season, the club staff will be responsible for communicating which players will or won’t be moving into the Development Program. 

If you have any questions regarding the selection process please contact Andy King at

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