Rep Team Coach Selection and Appointment Information


As we open up the rep coach application process the 2021/2022 FALL season, we would like to communicate with the membership and coaching staff on how the coach appointment process operates.


We understand that coach appointments can often raise debates, opinions and questions around the process for selection. Therefore, in an attempt to minimize speculation around this process, it is very important that everyone understands how coaches will be evaluated and appointed.


Evaluation of Incumbent or potential Rep Coaches


The club operates a 5 month coach evaluation period of incumbent or potential rep coaches starting in September and ending January. This period is the main opportunity for coaches to demonstrate their coaching ability and program management and earn appointment to a rep team for the following season.


The coach evaluation and selection process is comprised of season long monitoring by the club technical staff and will take into consideration the following coaching criteria in no particular order:

  • Prioritizes Coastal FC over other soccer programs or academies

  • Promotes and retains players for Coastal FC programming over other soccer programs or academies

  • Is the incumbent coach

  • Coaching Ability

  • Experience

  • Qualifications

  • Code of Conduct

  • Potential

  • Embraces club philosophy

  • Supports a club culture

  • Knowledge and experience within the age group

  • Is in good standing with the club

  • Program Management

  • Ability to relate/communicate with players, parents, and professional staff

  • Attendance/Availability

  • Member feedback


Coach Appointments and Re-Appointments


Maintaining consistency for players and rewarding loyalty and commitment is something we believe is important when appointing or re-appointing coaches to our teams. The club does not believe it to be in the best interests of the players to make a coaching change unless there is evidence to suggest there is good reason to do so.


Once appointed head coach of a rep team within the club, the incumbent will have the option to retain this role from year to year by re-applying for the position upon the call for coaching applications.


That said, there are circumstances that may lead to a coaching change. This may include but is not limited to:

  • The incumbent does not prioritize, promote, or retain players for Coastal FC over other soccer programs or academies

  • The incumbent coach no longer wishes to continue

  • The incumbent coach does not possess, or makes no attempt to gain the required minimum certification for the level they are coaching at

  • Upon staff evaluation, the incumbent coach does not possess the knowledge and ability for the level they are coaching at

  • Player/Parent feedback and player retention determines the incumbent coach does not have the support of the players/parents

  • The incumbent coaches position is challenged by another coach and it is determined that a coaching change would be beneficial to the group


Sequence of Coach Appointments


Prior to appointing a coach to a rep team, a season long evaluation of the coaches own child is taken into consideration. Only when the technical staff is convinced the applicants child meets the necessary standard will the coach be appointed. As such, players do not automatically gain entry to a rep team simply because their parent is a coach, assistant coach, or manager of that level.


1. Tier 1 team coaches are appointed first after technical staff have evaluated the ability of the coaches own child throughout season (assuming they have a child) and consider them to be comfortably inside the top tier.


2. Tier 2 team coaches are appointed after the technical staff have evaluated the ability of the coaches own child throughout the season (assuming they have a child) and consider them to be comfortably inside the second tier.


3. If a new tier 3 or tier 4 is to be created, a call for coaching applications will occur and coaches will be selected and appointed in the same process as above.


Note: If in any of the above situations it is not clear what tier an applicants child will fall within, then the club may hold off on making an appointment until it becomes clear. An appointment may be delayed for the following reasons:


1. Existing players moving up

2. Existing players moving down

3. Existing players leaving the club

4. New players arriving at the club

5. Players attending evaluations from other clubs who don’t declare their intentions

6. Addition of teams due to high numbers and ability of players registered for evaluations

7. Reduction of teams due to low numbers and ability of players registered for evaluations


Interviews - Coaching Positions with Multiple Applicants


As previously stated, the main period of evaluation is from September to January. The type of environment a coach provides, how they manage the program, member feedback, and how they relate to players, parents, and professional staff during this period will be considered their “performance interview” with respect to their appointment or re-appointment. However, in the event that the club receives multiple applicants for the same position, in other words an incumbent’s position is challenged, or a new rep team is being created, then an off-field interview may occur only if deemed necessary.


Situations where an interview process may occur would include but are not limited to:

  • Upon staff evaluation of the applicants, good reason (as determined by the professional staff) exists to initiate an interview process

  • Upon staff evaluation of the applicants, a new applicant appears they may be a more beneficial appointment than the incumbent

  • From on-field observations and evaluation, the professional staff does not have sufficient knowledge of the applicants to make an appointment and further discussion is required


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