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Program Manager: Steve Duffy -

Youth to Adult Transition

At Coastal FC, our players transition from youth to Adult programs once they reach U18. This provides a fantastic opportunity for former youth players to stay active and engaged in the sport. Our Adult program offers a structured environment with weekly training sessions and full support from Coastal FC. We cater to various levels, including Open Play & Masters Play, aiming to be a lifelong soccer club for ages 4 to 60.


We offer various levels of play and teams. Please fill out the Player Interest or Team Registration forms at the top of the page.

Open Players (18 to 35 years old)

Men: Division 1, Division 2

Women: Premier, Division 2 (Surf), Division 2 (Vault)

Master Players (30+)

Men: Over 45’s (Alumni)

Women: Division 1 (Vintage), Division 4 (Surge), Division 4 (Strikers)

For inquiries about joining the adult program or joining a team, please contact Steve Duffy at

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