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Getting a cancelled game rescheduled is the responsibility of the teams. According to league guidelines, the home team should provide a couple of dates to the away team for the game. The away team should pick the one that works best for them. This often means playing a game on both Saturday and Sunday in one weekend.

Once the teams settle on a date (and Coastal is the home team), please email Shelley Chin at HERE to get the game rescheduled. The time will be confirmed when that week's home game schedule is published. 

Please do not wait until the end of the season or when you 'need' to get a game in to move up the standings. Try and get your make up games played as soon as possible. Once again, it's the team's responsibility to know their league rules around make-up games. 


The priority for game scheduling is as follows:

  • Regularly scheduled cup games

  • Mandated make up cup games

  • Regularly schedule league games 

  • Make up cup games 

  • Make up league games 

  • Exhibition games 

Game Request Form

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