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Tournaments provide a unique environment for players and teams. Teams are provided the opportunity to experience different environments while playing against different opposition that they may not usually play against. The following information is to provide teams with the process of entering tournaments with your Coastal FC team. You will see a breakdown of recommended local tournaments, recommended travel tournaments and the processes within them.



Teams Roles/Responsibilities:

  1. The Team Manager/Head Coach completes Coastal FC Local Approval Form for one of the tournaments below.

  2. Once approved, the team can register directly for the tournament


Travelling for soccer tournaments can offer teams several advantages and unique experiences that can significantly enhance their development and enjoyment of the sport. Some of the benefits of why teams should consider traveling for soccer tournaments are as follows:

  • Higher and different level of competition

    • Travelling to tournaments often means facing teams from different areas or countries. This exposes players to a different range of playing styles and skill levels.

  • Exposure to different environments

    • Playing in unfamiliar settings can challenge players and teams to adapt quickly to new conditions.

  • Building Team Culture:

    • Travelling together creates a unique bonding experience for players. Teammates spend more time together, both on and off the field.

  • Memorable Experiences:

    • Travelling for tournaments creates lasting memories for players, coaches, and families.

  • Exposure to Scouts and University/College Coaches:

    • Tournaments in different areas may attract a wider range of scouts and college coaches, increasing players chances of being noticed for University/College opportunities. These showcases are generally geared towards the U15-U18 age groups.

Teams must apply for a different tournament other than those listed below but it is subject to club approval.


The approved travel tournaments for the 2024 are below:


Teams can declare their interest by completing the application form below.

The following provides the guidelines and procedures from BC Soccer and Canada Soccer: 

  1. Each team intending to participate in an International match or competition must submit a Canada Soccer Travel Application Form  along with their BC Soccer Travel Application form OR  BCSPL Travel Application (for BCSPL teams) form to BC Soccer for approval

  2. Upon receiving the team travel application, BC Soccer will submit the “Canada Soccer Application Form for Participating in an International Match or Competition” to Canada Soccer for their approval and send to Concacaf for approval (as needed).

  3. Once the appropriate approval is granted, the travel application will be returned by Canada Soccer to BC Soccer; who will in turn provide the approved travel application to the team. 

  4. It is the responsibility of the travelling team to confirm that the tournament or competition they are entering has the necessary approval from their respective National and/or Province/State/Regional Soccer Association.

  5. The completed BC Soccer Travel Application should be submitted to the BC Soccer Association for approval along with the Canada Soccer Application Form; a minimum 30 days prior to the first game for tournaments in the US and a minimum 6 months prior to the first game for tournaments outside of the US and Canada.

  6. Canada Soccer has recently implemented that all International and US Applications submitted for approval less than 72 hours to the match will be charged an additional $100.00 fee by Canada Soccer.


Teams may use the services of a guest player as long as the following conditions are met:
•    A player is not on the roster of another team participating in the same tournament. A player can only play on one team in a tournament. 
•    The use of a player from outside of the club and whether the player is or is not registered with BC Soccer, the team must apply for a Short-Term Event Player Permit for the player a minimum of 5 business days prior to the start of the tournament they are attending. To obtain a permit:

                 o Complete the Short-Term Event Player Permit from the BC Soccer
•    Teams participating in an approved tournament, wishing to use the services of a player registered with another team must first obtain written permission from the team & the District with which the player is registered. 

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