Return to Play - Coastal FC Phase 2  

April 8th,  2021 

As a follow up to our Phase 1 plan (view Phase 1 plan HERE), from June 12, 2020, Coastal FC is pleased to be able to progress into phase 2, with training starting immediately, and we are hoping for games by the end of April 2021. 


Moving to Phase 2 allows for the progressive loosening on VIASPORT’s activity chart.

View the VIASPORT activity chart HERE  View the latest on the VIASPORT guidelines  HERE


BC Soccer has provided sport specific guidance, which we will be following. Click HERE to view the BC Soccer document. 


Based on VIASPORT and BC Soccer each program will have some modifications to start the season. Below reflects some of the main changes as we prepare for phase 2. 



Below is a checklist of frequently asked safety questions:

Symptom Self Check – Prior to attending ANY session, please click HERE to self check for covid-19 symptoms. If you are experiencing any symptoms please do not attend any training or games until you receive medical clearance to resume. 

Masks – It is now MANDATORY for all team staff to wear a mask at all training and games even if physical distancing can be maintained.  It is highly RECOMMENDED that players wear a mask to and from their training session.  Players are not required to wear masks while training.  

Hand Sanitizers – All players are asked to keep personal hand sanitizers in their bags and to use them upon entry and exit of the facilities. Some sanitizers will be placed around Coastal FC facilities but we ask that players become self responsible to carry items to sanitize. 

Player Equipment – All players are expected to bring their own personal equipment and drinks. No sharing is permitted at any time. Please keep your personal equipment clearly marked and separated from other player’s equipment. 

No Contact -  Participants must maintain a physical distance of three metres from one another and do not engage in handshaking, high fives, hugging, team huddles, etc.

No Spectators -   The Public Health Office has banned spectators for all training and/or games.  


Outdoor vs. Indoor Activity


While most of our programs are on outside fields, some participate in the BMO Coastal Soccer Centre (indoors). As this is a large space, with very high ceilings, and significant airflow/ventilation, here are some important points to consider if your program is ‘inside’:

  • We will have a maximum of 4 teams in the facility at any given time

  • Teams will be separated by dividers/netting to ensure cohorts are not broken 

  • The facility is 33,500 Square feet in size

  • We anticipate that with four teams, each person will have an allocation of approximately 480 sqf per person. For reference this is 9X greater than the current requirement for retail/grocery stores

  • We have air volume of 800,000 cubic feet or 11,000 cubic feet per participant. This is 20X the requirement for retail/grocery and approximately 40X what would be found in a classroom setting. 

  • All air circulation comes from the outside. No inside air is recirculated. 

  • BMO Coastal Soccer Centre has a mix of forced and passive ventilation

    • Forced Ventilation:

      • 15,000 cubic feet per minute (each for both intake and exhaust - i.e. both blow in and suck out)

        • Per person:

          • 214 cu ft per minute

          • Approx. 50 times what an adult exhales in 1 minute

    • Passive ventilation

      • Approx 800 square feet

      • Equivalent to 10 full size garage doors being wide open

  • The entire air volume of the facility is exchanged roughly every 40-55 minutes

    • Probably faster due to effects of passive ventilation. 

  • There will be daily cleaning protocols of all indoor facilities. 


We understand that Covid-19 and the participation in activities such as soccer is a very personal decision. Some familiies feel more/less safe, have underlying concerns/conditions, and need to make the decision on what level of participation is acceptable. 

As a soccer club we are doing our very best to follow the guidelines set forth by VIASPORT and BC Soccer to provide the safest environment and best soccer experience possible, under these very difficult circumstances. For those who choose to participate, we want to provide the confidence that we are taking this very seriously. Safety is our top priority. There will be specific protocols for each program that will be communicated to participants, prior to resuming play. 

As things change, we will be flexible to adapt our club and soccer programs accordingly and we appreciate your trust and patience as we evolve along the way.