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AGES: Players ages 7-12 (2017-2012)

PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONNEW for Fall 2024, The Skill Centre is an advanced development program for players from U8 - U13. The Skill Centre is a player-centric development program run by Coastal FC’s Licensed Professional Coaches, providing an age & development stage-appropriate training curriculum in an exciting, fun & challenging environment. Our highly qualified & vastly experienced coaching staff will be responsible for grouping players appropriately to ensure optimal challenge & competition, which drives excellence. This all-inclusive program provides players an opportunity to belong to the highest level of youth development before moving into our BCSPL or Divisional pathways.


  • Managed by Licensed Professional Coaches

  • 3 training sessions per week led by Licensed Professional Coaches/Certified Parent Volunteer Coaches

  • 1 game per week led by Licensed Professional Coaches/Certified Parent Volunteer Coaches

  • The equipment package includes one Coastal FC Jersey, shorts & socks

  • Players will participate in Pre-Season training, which will be conducted before a Labour Day tournament. (Dates TBA)


LOCATION: South Surrey Athletic Park (SSAP) Turf Fields and surrounding community fields for training and home games.


The Goals for the Skill Centre are as follows:

  • Player & Coach Development

    • ​Player development to be tracked through reporting & feedback

    • Coaches to be evaluated & given feedback to enable growth

  • Player & Coach Retention

    • Coastal FC's goal is to develop players to the best of their abilities in a safe and supportive environment.

    • Coastal FC aims to retain coaches for the duration of their player/child's journey

  • Player & Coach Advancement

    • How many players is Coastal FC advancing to higher levels at U14+

    • All coaching staff to obtain children's licence as a minimum requirement  



FALL DURATION: The Fall Skill Centre program begins in September 2024 and ends in March/April 2025, with breaks during traditional holiday breaks. 

  • Thanksgiving (Oct. 12-14)

  • Halloween (Oct. 31)

  • Winter Break (Dec.21 - Jan.5)

  • Family Day (Feb. 15-17)​

Coastal FC recognizes and acknowledges the importance of Truth and Reconciliation Day, along with Remembrance Day. These are scheduled play weekends by the leagues we participate in, and therefore we will have scheduled games on September 28th and 29th, as well as on November 9th and 10th.

*Training starts the week of September 3, 2024, and ends the TBA weekend, with breaks on traditional holidays. (Dates may be subject to change.)

**Gameplay will begin the weekend of  September 7 and 8, 2024. Boys games are on Saturday, and girls games are on Sunday. (Dates may be subject to change.)



**Please note, the FINALIZED Fall Training Schedule will be released closer to the Fall Season Start. Below is a UNCONFIRMED Training schedule. (Dates, times & locations may be subject to change.)


CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: An administration fee charge of $50.00 will be applied to all cancellations up until August 15th. There will be no refunds after August 15th, unless accompanied by a medical note, stating that the player is medically unable to participate for the soccer season.

Appliction Process


Entry to the Skill Centre is by invite only. Our number one priority is the individual player & we are committed to ensuring that each player is in an environment where they are challenged appropriately & will achieve success. 


For current U7 (2017 born) players 

  • Players are monitored throughout their U7 season by professional staff

  • Identified players will receive an invite to the Skill Centre on April 15th

  • Invited players have 48 hours to accept & register for the Skill Centre

  • Any U7 player that did not receive an invite to the Skill Centre can apply HERE on April 15th

  • Applications to the Skill Centre will close on April 19th.

  • A second round of invitations will be sent on April 22nd, those players will have 48 hours to accept & register for the Skill Centre

  • Players are assessed based on the four-corner development model (see below)


For current U8 (2016 born) to U12 (2012 born) Development players

  • All current development players will receive an invitation to the Skill Centre

  • Any players interested in the Skill Centre can express their interest HERE

  • Invitations will be sent out on April 15th

  • Invited players have 48 hours to accept & register for the Skill Centre

  • Players that took the Spring season off from soccer will be welcome back for the Fall season, please contact Andy King via email directly should this apply to you.


If your child is U8-U13 but not currently in the Skill Centre (previously the Development Program/Prospects), there are other ways to enter & spaces do open up each season. 


Open Skill Centre Sessions

We will host ‘Open Skill Centre Sessions’ (details to come) where players can come in to work with our professional staff & sample the environment. If you are not registered in a program at Coastal FC, there will be an opportunity to sign up for these sessions too. We also have a Player ID Process within our Recreational Stream where players can be recommended for assessment by their coach.



The Skill Centre Open House aims to allow players to experience the Skill Centre & give them an opportunity to showcase their abilities in a fun environment.​


Who is it for?

All players (CFC Members or Non-CFC Members) interested in the skill centre program (What is the Skill Centre?)

What will players do in the Skill Centre Open House Session?

Our professional Skill Centre staff will expose players to different small-sided games which pose various problems for players to solve.

How do I submit my interest? 

Click the button below to express your interest in attending the Skill Centre Open House.

The Interest Form will close on Friday, May 3 at 11:59 PM. Confirmation with more details will be sent on Monday, May 5. 



  • When does Fall Registration Open?
    The 2024/2025 Fall/Winter Registration will open on April 15th at 6:00AM PT.
  • How do I register my child for the Fall Season?
    Our club uses an online program called Demosphere. On Coastal FC Website Go to "Youth Programs" Select "Fall/Winter Programs" on the website and select your desired program. Select your child’s age group and then the registration button. If you are new to Coastal FC click HERE for registration help.
  • How much are the Fall Registration Fees?
    All program fees can be found on the website within the Youth program drop-down site. All programs fees include the $100.00 refundable volunteer Bond, $35.00 Capital fee.
  • Is payment required for a waitlisted registration?
    Yes, we do accept payment for waitlisted players . If you are not placed you will be fully refunded.
  • Can I pay my registration fee by cheque?
    Coastal FC only accepts Mastercard and Visa.
  • What is the BC Soccer Fee?
    BC Soccer provides coverage to full member associations (Youth District and Adult Leagues) their affiliate clubs / teams and the registered players/participants within them via our insurance provider All Sport Insurance and the broker which is SBC Insurance.
  • What is the difference between Fall Soccer & Coastal FC Academy Programs?
    Fall/Winter Season Soccer, are league (games) played and practice once a week with a team throughout the duration of a season. The Coastal FC Academy are specifically geared to individual skill development in a group setting where members of the training group are at a similar level to one another. The groups may include players of their own age, younger or older age, and from within their own regular season team or not. Academies are coached by Licensed Professional Coaches highly skilled to provide an exceptional, professionally led training environment leading to a player's growth in their own skill level and confidence that translates into other areas of their team play.
  • Are there League games on Thanksgiving Weekend?
    There are no league games Thanksgiving or Family Day long weekends. There are (optional) tournaments teams can participate in if they wish depending on their level of play and age.
  • What equipment odes my child need?
    Soccer cleats and a pair of shin guards are required for all programs unless otherwise noted. Fall registration fees include club jersey, shorts and socks dependant on programs. All players keep their jerseys at the end of the season. Coastal FC has an online store to purchase additional pairs of socks, additional shorts and other Coastal FC player wear and fan wear. Click HERE to purchase.
  • When does the Fall Season start?
    o The Fall/Winter season runs from September to March, with a break from mid-December through to early-January. Dates are posted on the website for each program. o Games are played rain or shine. o Games are usually played on Saturdays for boys and Sundays for girls . On rare occasions, there could be some games scheduled during the week. o Youth players can generally expect to travel for games outside of Surrey/White Rock.
  • When are evaluations for Rep Teams?
    Youth evaluations occur all year round. Player selections and teams will continue to be formed using a season-long evaluation and scouting process. U8-U10 Prospects - Player Evaluation U11-U13 - Development - Player Evaluation U14-U18 Rep Player - Request for Evaluation
  • When will I know if I am/ my child is accepted on a team?
    A coach will contact you with all the team details. If you have not been contacted by the start of the season please contact your age group program managers. (Lindsay Zygarliski U5-U7 | Shelley Chin U8-U18)
  • How can I apply for Financial Assistance?
    Coastal FC does have a Financial application plan and you must contact our Registrar at for your Financial application form. Other options for financial assistance are: Kidsport: Jumpstart: Athletics for Kids: If you are applying for financial assistance (e.g. KidSport, Jumpstart, etc.), the application is your responsibility and not the responsibility of Coastal FC . Along with your CFC application form you must and provide a copy of your application for funding before the registration deadlines. Once received, the Registrar will plan with you for online registration.
  • I forgot my Demosphere Password, How Do I find it?
    Go to “Forgot Password” on your account You will receive email to reset your password.
  • How do I change my phone number or email address on my Child's Demosphere profile?
    If you need to update you Demosphere profile a new phone number , address and/or photo outside of the normal registration process, please follow these steps: 1. Login to your account 2.Click the blue "Manage Profile" button under "My profile Information" 3. This will navigate you to where households and members are managed. 4.Click to “Edit” the member’s profile details, you can change your details at this point. 5. Click save
  • If my child played last year do I still need to create a Demosphere account?
    No, use your email address to open the registration link.
  • What is the Refund & Collections Policy?
    A written notification directly to the Registrar ( ) by email is required for any refund. An administration fee charge of $50.00 will be applied to all cancellations up until August 15th. There will be no refunds after August 15th, unless accompanied by a medical note, stating that the player is medically unable to participate for the soccer season. You can find more information on our Refund Policy HERE.
  • What is a Volunteer Bond?
    The Volunteer Bond is a $100.00 refundable fee paid by all members at the time of Fall registration ONLY. A credit (Volunteer Voucher) towards the bond is earned when a member volunteers a minimum of 4 hours per child during the Fall or Spring season. Voucher codes can only be used for the season they were intended for. EXAMPLE: If you volunteered during the Fall 2023/2024, you will be able to utilize a volunteer voucher for the Fall 2023/2024 season. You are not permitted to use a code given during the 2020/2021 for the 2022/2023 season.
  • How do I get my Volunteer Code for the Fall?
    Volunteer codes will be sent out to all volunteers prior to the fall registration opening. If you didn’t get a code prior to the star of registration please contact
  • Can I get my Volunteer Bond Returned?
    Volunteer fees are refunded through a credit code upon completion of 4 or more hours of volunteering after paying the Bond/Fee; however, codes are withheld from team staff lacking valid CRC or Respect in Sport certification, and bonds remain unreimbursed if no volunteering occurred during the playing season. Click HERE for more information regarding the Volunteer Bonds.
  • Do All Volunteers Need a criminal record check?
    Yes, all volunteers need a criminal record check. All volunteers must also be registered as a staff member with the club, so we can track your hours.
  • Where Do I get a Criminal Record Check?
    Follow the instructions on the link below using the Coastal FC direct link: Online Link: If a volunteer access code is required: Coastal FC Volunteer Access code: 46B79P5PJA
  • Where can I find the mobile App?
    The latest version of the Demosphere 2.0 Mobile App is available for Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • How do I access registration via the mobile app?
    On the home screen, tap the menu icon and select Register. Existing registrations you have previously registered with will display on the screen. Tap on the name of the organization – COASTAL FC, and a new browser window will open on your device. The browser will take you to the registration website for the organization. Select 'Sign in to Begin Registration.' Enter your Demosphere username and password for your account. Proceed to complete the registration process for the organization as necessary. Once complete, a confirmation message will be sent to you verifying your registration for the season.
  • How do I navigate the App?
    The Demsophere 2.0 App is easy to navigate. Check out the Getting Started Guide for Parents / Players Below: ,
  • How do I add a Member to our Household?
    Navigate to your My Account on the home screen by either tapping on the menu icon in the top right > Account or tapping the Account icon in the lower right. On the MyAccount view tap on your household name. On the My Household view tap on Add Member Enter profile information for the new household member. The first and last name at minimum is required for adding a new household member. Tap save once complete. For tutorial view click HERE
  • How do I find my child't team on the mobile app?
    In order to view a team that you are affiliated with, permissions to view the team must first be turned on by a Coastal FC administrator. Once access is granted, you will see your team on the Mobile App home screen or via the “My Teams” view. This view can be accessed using the top-level menu or on the app footer.
  • How do I view training & games or other events for my child's team?
    You can see you team events in multiple locations such as: · On the home screen under My daily events · When viewing the team, team specific events will be found on the Home Team and team calendar. · You can view all events on My Calendar.
  • How do I grant access for another Parent/Guardian to view the team information?
    If you have admin privileges within your household, you can add a new member (parent/guardian/grandparent/babysitter) to your household by navigating to: MY ACCOUNT using the links in the footer or top menu of any screen From the MY ACCOUNT view, click on the name of your household and select the ADD MEMBER option. If you need this member to have access to your child’s team for event and communication access, they must be designated as a Household Admin. Once a new member is added, your new household member will receive an email and must verify their account and set up a password before access can be granted. If you feel you should have Household Admin privileges and do not, or need another member removed from your household, contact for assistance.
  • How do I RSVP to Calendar Events?
    To RSVP to Demosphere calendar events, please view the tutorial HERE. If you are NOT able to RSVP to availability: Make sure your child is not assigned as the admin for the account , this will inhibit your access to RSVP. Once you remove their admin status, you will be able to RSVP.
  • How do I delete my Account?
    The Demosphere Mobile app does not support account deletion at this time. To request the removal of your Demosphere account, please first contact to ensure that all outstanding refunds or account balances are settled.
  • Coaches: How to create a event on the calendar for your team?
    To create calendar events in the Demosphere calendar events, please view the tutorial HERE.
  • Coaches: How to send reminders to your team?
    To send a 24-hour reminder to your team in the Demosphere App , please view the tutorial HERE.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their respective answers. We hope that this list will address the most common questions. However, if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Skill Centre Director Andy King here.



Andy King

Skill Centre Director &U11-U13 Lead Coach

At Coastal FC since 2022 Certifications: CSA National A License (Part 1) CSA Youth License CSA Children’s License US Youth Soccer National Youth Diploma NSCAA Advanced National Diploma Coaching Experience: Coastal FC Senior Staff Coach North Toronto Technical Manager (U11-U12) Richmond Hill Staff Coach OPDL Head Coach Personal: Former Stourbridge Town Youth Player


Adrian Cairns

Skill Centre Coach

At Coastal FC since 2019 Certifications: UEFA A Licence holder UEFA B Diploma FAI Level 1 FAI Level 2 Level 1 Analyst Athletico Madrid Foundation Coach Coaching experience: Representative Coach Elite U12, Elite U13, National Cup winners. Schoolboy/Girl Youth St Josephs Boys 1998-2009 Director of Football 2007/2009 (see attached letter) Directly involved in coaching U 16`s, Premier, U 13`s Premier, U16`s Girls, and U 8`s. Personal: League of Ireland Shamrock Rovers 1984/85 Bray Wanderers 1985/1994 Home Farm Everton 1994/95 National Cup winners, Div 1 winners ( 2) , European Cup winners cup appearances ( Europa League equivalent), League Representative honours. Adult provincial gold medalist (2017)

Aly Hay.jpeg

Aly Hay

Skill Centre Coach

Bio Coming Soon


Steven Duffy

Skill Centre U8-U10 Lead Coach

At Coastal FC since 2012 Certifications: CSA National B License CSA Youth License Coaching Experience: Coastal FC Senior Staff Coach BC Soccer Provincial Program Coach BCSPL Coach Langley FC Women's Premier Head Coach Personal: Former Celtic FC Youth Player


Mark Baldisimo

Skill Centre Coach

At Coastal FC since 2014 Certifications: BCSA C Licence Coaching Experience: Coastal FC Senior Staff Coach BCSPL Head Coach Personal: Former Whitecaps FC Residency Player Former Douglas College Men's Soccer Player Former TSS Rovers Player (USL League 2)

Andrea Perotta_edited.jpg

Andrea Perotta

Skill Centre Coach

At Coastal FC since 2022 Certifications: CSA Nationa B License Bc Soccer Pre-B Bc Soccer - Soccer for Life Respect in Sport Certification Coaching experience: Coastal FC 2010g BCSPL head coach 2022-present Fusion FC head coach 06g metro/09g metro 2019-2022 Fusion FC assistant coach 09g/04g bcspl Mountain United assistant coach 2015-2019 99/01/02/04/06g bcspl Roman Tulis European Soccer School of excellence staff Coach 2013-2019 Personal: Douglas College Women’s soccer PacWest Player of the Year (2016-2017) CCAA All Canadian (2016-2017) Douglas College Athletics female athlete of the year (2016-2017) Douglas College Athletics 2016 women’s soccer- MVP PacWest leading goal scorer (2016-2017) Ccaa bronze national medalist (2016-2017) 2016 Pacwest Provincial Silver Medalist 2015 Pacwest Provincial Gold Medalist Surrey United Premier Adult provincial gold medalist (2017)

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