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  • Identify time and location of game.

  • If you are the home team, provide the opposing team with a copy of our Coastal FC Visitors Checklist 

  • When playing an away game team staff must review home team’s Return to Play Plan on the home club’s website at least two (2) days in advance of game day. Ask your opponent for any relevant information.

  • Identify team meeting location for the game. (Reminder: Coastal FC changerooms are closed) 

  • All playing fields are capped with a maximum 50 at a time rule. Please do not put this rule at risk by warming up in endzones or sidelines when a game with close to 50 participants is already on (includes post game shin pad and cleat removal). Noncompliance risks field permits. 

  • Review the game location park map (if available) for all entry and exit points. 


  • Complete a COVID-19 symptom check and remain home if there are any signs of illness.

  • BC Soccer recommends only one parent/guardian remain as a spectator at any session or game.

  • They must adhere to all requirements of our Return to Play Plan, including social distancing from one another and remaining at least 10ft back from the field and fences.

  • They must adhere to our Coastal FC Illness Policy requirements.

  • They are not permitted on the playing surface or at the fences at any time.

  • They must arrange to have their player meet them in a pre-determined location post-game for pick up. 



  • Review and complete the Player Checklist before heading to the field

  • Bring their own water bottle and hand sanitizer (labelled) in a bag of their own.

  • Bring their own umbrella if raining – sharing of umbrellas is not permitted.

  • Maintain social distance in meeting location and whenever not in the field of play. 

  • Follow any additional Return to Play requirements of the home team (if any). 



  • Review and complete the Coastal FC Coach & Manager Checklist.

  • Bring their own water bottle and hand sanitizer.

  • Bring their own umbrella if raining – sharing of umbrellas is not permitted.

  • Bring a mask (and gloves are strongly recommended) for any instance that may occur where physical distancing is not possible (i.e., injury).

  • Team staff are not included in the cohorts and as such, must always maintain physical distancing from players, even on the field of play.  In the event that social distance cannot be maintained a mask MUST be used.

  • Bring fully cleaned equipment (pinnies, cones, balls) to the field and keep players from touching the equipment at all time.

  • Follow and prepare fully for any additional Return to Play requirements of the home team, if any. 



  • Meet your team at a pre-arranged, designated meeting area and use the meeting time to check team staff and players in 

  • Game day check in must include team staff. 

  • Game day check in must include verbal confirmation that all players and team staff are not experiencing any COVID- 19 symptoms or illness and have each followed their Return to Play Checklist – individuals who are ill must be sent home and cannot enter the field. 

  • Do not enter the playing field without witnessing all players and team staff washing and/or sanitizing their hands. 

  • Reminders for players and team staff:

  • Players may not touch the equipment, if they do so accidentally, they must sanitize their hands immediately.

  • Players may not wear a pinnie that another player has already worn – no exceptions.

  • No spitting at any time, including during game play.

  • No handshakes.

  • Coughing and sneezing must be covered (elbow, not hands).

  • No sharing water bottles or any other personal belongings, including umbrellas at any time.

  • No high fives, fist bumps or other close contact celebrations of any kind.

  • Goalies may not share gloves and may not spit into their gloves.

  • No throw ins, kick ins only.

  • Hand sanitize every time a player comes off the field, including half time.

  • Team staff are not included in the cohorts and as such, must always maintain physical distancing from players, even on the field of play.

  • It is strongly recommended that all participants and team staff maintain physical distancing between their personal belongings at all times. 


  • Team staff are the only ones to clean up equipment. 

  • No cool down (including removal of cleats, shin pads, etc.) permitted on the field or within the end zones of the field. 

  • All personnel to leave the field immediately following the game.

  • All personnel are to remain socially distanced at all time outside the field of play while exiting the field and while awaiting parent/guardian pick up from the field. 

  • Team staff are to clean all equipment following the game before using again in any capacity.

  • Report any game day health & safety or Return to Play game day issues to the Program Manager within 48 hours of the game. 

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