U11-U18 Girls and Boys (2010 - 2003)

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Player Evaluations

Player evaluations and selections can often raise anxiety, tension, and many questions for those involved (players, parents and coaches). In an attempt to minimize negative feelings and questions around the evaluation process, it is very important that everyone fully understands the process itself, which we have explained in the following information.


Please note both session dates for your age group. Players are strongly encouraged to attend both dates.


Please note both session dates for your age group. Players are strongly encouraged to attend both dates.










How does the evaluation process work?

The club operates a 6-7 month evaluation period starting in September and ending February/March, depending on the age group.

The evaluation, selection and placement process is comprised of a combination of past season assessments by the player's team coaching staff and the post-season evaluation sessions which normally incorporate 1 to 3 evaluation sessions (dependent on age and attending numbers) which are observed by an evaluation team comprised of the rep team coaches and CFC Technical Staff.

Player performance in training and games between September and April is the most significant evaluation period. This period is the main opportunity for players to showcase their abilities and earn selection to the team for the following season.


How are the players evaluated over the 6-7 month season? 

The club operates a Player Advancement Program for the purpose of identifying players prior to the post-season evaluations. The process is as follows:

Step 1 – All coaches of all levels observe and make note of players demonstrating high performance levels within their own environment from week to week.

Step 2 – Every 4-6 weeks throughout the season the club will distribute a recommendations form for coaches to complete.​


  • House coach recommends best players to Division 3 coach

  • Division 3 coach recommends best players to Division 2 coach

  • Division 2 coach recommends best players to Division 1 coach    


Step 3 – Upon receiving a recommendation, coaches may invite recommended players into training sessions or games in order to assess their abilities for future entry to the level above.


Step 4 – If a player is considered suitable for the level above they will be identified as a player who may potentially advance at the end of the post-season evaluations.

Note: In special circumstances players may move up or down the player pathway mid-season. Mid-season movement is only sanctioned after the club technical staff has assessed the organizational and logistical possibilities in addition to the impact on all parties. 

How do I know if my child was recommended for consideration to the team above through the Player Advancement Program?

Your team coach should be able to advise you if your child was recommended. The coach should also be able to provide reasons/opinions why your child was not recommended if this was the case.

Who actually evaluates and selects the players during the 6-7 month evaluation period? Is it the team coaches, or the club staff? What are the roles and responsibilities?

1. The team coaches are responsible for evaluating and selecting the players within their age group over the 6-7 month period.

2.  The club staff is responsible for managing the Player Advancement Program, providing oversight of the evaluation process and the player selection decisions. 

3. Team coaches are responsible for selecting the players, however club staff must approve the final selections after they have verified the selections have been fair, honest and accurate. 

Note: If necessary, club staff (as unbiased and independent evaluators) will challenge and overrule a coach’s selection if they are thought to be unfair, dishonest, or inaccurate.

Are player/team selections pre-determined prior to the post-season evaluations (“tryouts”)?

No, player/team selections are not fully determined prior to the post-season evaluations. While coaches/evaluators will have reached some decisions on players as a result of their performances throughout the season, there are still many unknown factors that prevent teams/players from being fully determined until the end of the post-season evaluations. Some of these factors include:

1. Existing players moving up

2. Existing players moving down

3. Existing players leaving the club

4. New players arriving at the club

5. Players attending from other clubs who don’t declare their intentions

6. Addition of teams due to high numbers and ability of players registered

7. Reduction of teams due to low numbers and ability of players registered


Why have post-season player evaluations (“tryouts”) if selection to the team is determined by a player’s performance between September and April?

Post-season player evaluations are necessary in order to: 

1. Understand what players are interested in returning to play at the rep level

2. Further evaluate/compare players from lower levels

3. Evaluate players new to the community

4. Evaluate players attending from other clubs

5. Assess the ability to add another team if high numbers and quality allows

6. Assess whether to reduce teams due to low numbers and ability of players


How are players evaluated if they are new to the club or to the rep level?

For players new to the club or to the rep level, the post-season evaluation sessions represent the primary opportunity for evaluation of a player's suitability for selection and placement on a rep team. Selection is based on the coaching staff's assessment of the player's ability in comparison with their knowledge of the other players currently within the club.

What role does the club play to ensure player selections are fair, honest and accurate?

It is the responsibility of the club to ensure a fair, transparent and honest process with respect to final player selections. As such, the club Technical Staff will provide oversight of the entire process. This consists of:

1. Management of the Player Advancement Program

2. Periodic observation of players during training sessions or potentially games

3. Delivery of training sessions every 4-6 weeks

4. Ongoing consultation with team coaching staff regarding player abilities

5. Observation of post-season evaluation sessions

6. Facilitating post evaluation selection meetings

7. Ensure evaluators are fair, honest and accurate by challenging and overruling selection decisions if necessary

8. Approval of final roster selections


While we may not all agree on the final selections, it is important to know that the Coastal FC goes to great lengths to ensure that the process is fair, transparent, and honest. We believe a 6-7 month evaluation of players through the Player Advancement Program, coupled with strong leadership and oversight from our Club Technical Staff allows the final selections to be as accurate as possible.

During the selection of players, what are evaluators actually looking for?

Player evaluations are somewhat subjective and selection decisions are largely determined by the opinion of the coach/evaluators. Opinions often differ between coaches, evaluators and parents and rarely does everyone agree. 

Decisions to select a player are based on a multitude of different perspectives such as:

  • Overall impact and influence on training and games 

  • Athletic ability

  • Technical ability

  • Tactical ability

  • Attacking attributes

  • Defensive attributes

  • Positional attributes

  • Attitude

  • Attendance

  • Positional needs of team

  • A combination of everything above


How are selection decisions made when players are relatively similar in ability or impact?


When players are similar in ability, the coach will often choose the player that possesses a slight advantage (in the coach’s opinion) in the specific individual attributes listed above, or for specific positional needs of the team.

Example: Players may have a similar level of impact/influence during training or games, but their physical or technical abilities may be very different. 

When players are similar in ability, how does the club select players from outside the club/community verses those currently within it?

In situations where all things are deemed relatively equal, the club will select those players currently playing in the club, residing within the club’s catchment area, or those returning to the club.

Will players get feedback on why they were not selected?

Due to several hundred players being evaluated we unfortunately can’t provide individual feedback on the reasons why players were not selected.

If players can’t get feedback on why they were not selected, how are they supposed to know what areas to improve upon? 

The club distributes individual Player Progress Reports for our coaches to complete and discuss with their players each season. You can ask your team coach to provide you with feedback on the areas you need to improve on.

During player evaluations, will players be tiered into groups relative to the level they are playing at or will they be mixed together with various levels of players?

The club will generally start by mixing all players of all abilities together. However, a tiering of abilities/levels may be required in order to get a closer look at how players compare/perform when matched against players of a higher/lower level. This may mean players moving back and forth between different tiered groups.

Do players get selected to the rep program if their parent is a coach, assistant coach, or manager?

No, players do not get access to a rep team simply because their parent is on the team staff. Prior to the appointment of a coach, assistant or manager, the club determines the level of the player first. Only when the club is satisfied the player is suitable for the relevant level of play will the coaching staff be appointed.

Can players be evaluated to play up a year?

Players have no restrictions on development opportunities due to their year of birth. In staying with our philosophy of doing "what is best for the player", the club will consider the player's ability rather than their birth date.

Any player who believes that they have the ability to play at a higher level shall be provided the opportunity to go through a season long evaluation process to determine this. If successful during the evaluation period, the club Technical Staff will have the final say on whether playing up is in the best interests of the player after considering all factors. In short, if a player is good enough, they will be considered old enough. Advancement of younger players will consider:

  1. Are they amongst the best 2-3 performers at tier 1 (BCSPL) of an older age, or are they an average performer at tier 1 of an older age?

  2. Are they equipped physically, emotionally, and socially with respect to safety and interaction with peers?

  3. Is it better to be an average player playing up, or impact player at own age?

  4. Does the environment provide the player with confidence, excitement, love of the game, and ability to use technique, or is it simply a physical and technical battle to perform each week?


What is considered "Rep" at CFC?

  • U10/U11/U12 Girls Selects 1 – 3

  • U11 Boys Development 1 – 3

  • U12 Boys Divisions 1 & 2

  • U13 - U18 Boys/Girls Divisions 1 & 2


How many teams are created in each age group?

Our goal is to have 2 - 3 teams at each age group. However, the creation of additional teams will always be dependent on the number and ability of players that attend the evaluation sessions. Unfortunately this cannot always be foreseen ahead of time; therefore the decision to create additional teams needs to be made during or after the evaluation period. Along with the addition of teams we also need to appoint team coaches, all of which can lead to a lengthy process.

What is the process and timelines for offering spots?

The timeline for completing the entire process can take between 3-7 days depending on how many teams there are, and if any unforeseen issues arise. The process is outlined as follows:

Step 1 - Division 1 players will be offered spots approximately 24 hours after the final evaluation. 


Step 2 - Upon receiving the offer, Division 1 players will have 24 hours to accept a position on the team. Once all spots have been accepted we move to the next step.


Step 3 - Division 2 players will be offered spot after the completion of the Division 1 roster.


Step 4 - Upon receiving the offer, Division 2 players will have 24 hours to accept a position on the team. Once all spots have been accepted, we move to the next step.


Step 5 - If another team is to be created, the same process as above will apply.


Step 6 - Once all team rosters have been completed, players that are not selected will receive a letter informing them.


If a player chooses to delay acceptance, will the club hold the spot past the 24-hour acceptance window, or will the club continue to offer spots and build the roster?

The club will not hold spots for players who delay acceptance past the 24-hour window and will continue to offer spots and build the roster until it is complete. Accepting players are expected to complete their online registration immediately. 

What options exist for those not offered a spot in the Coastal FC Rep/Development program?

We encourage those that are not selected to register in the Coastal FC House program.

Evaluation Fees


There is a non-refundable fee of $20.00 that is charged to any players that wish to register to be evaluated. 

Ending Statement

We hope this answers most of the common questions, however the technical staff will be at the field to address any others that arise during the course of the process.