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The U8 - U10 Prospects program, is a development program (NOT A REP PROGRAM) where a small group of players will be formed through a process of game day scouting, coach recommendations, and possible post season scouting sessions. The players identified will then participate in a high performance training program throughout the fall/winter season consisting of:

  • 2 training sessions per week

  • Balanced teams participate in the Premier Development Series (an exhibition series against other local clubs)

  • Participation in local, regional or international (Washington State) tournaments


The program will follow Stage 3: “Learning to Train” of the CSA Long –Term Player Development model. This program is for players who are shifting in favour of soccer over other sports and activities. Players not immediately identified for this program will continue to play in the club’s house program where their progress will be monitored for possible participation in the program some time in the future. Scouting and player recommendations are on-going throughout the season, thereby ensuring any potential prospect does not go unnoticed.


Coastal FC is committed to providing a platform for monitoring, evaluating and scouting players. Therefore, the process for monitoring and evaluating players for progression in the clubs development pathway includes the house program and the Prospects Academy at the U8-U10 age group. 

Step 1 - House coaches are to monitor players within their team environment, identify players who are excelling, and make subsequent recommendations to the Prospects coaches of their specific age group using the Prospects Recommendation Form.


  • Recommendations can be made for any player at any time but must be reported a minimum of once per month. House coaches should not wait on being approached by the prospects coaches for recommendations; their role is to identify players and advocate on their behalf for development opportunities if appropriate.


Step 2 – Upon receiving a recommendation from a house coach, Prospects coaches will make contact with the house coach for any specific information that may be required, this may include: contact details for player, additional technical information, house team schedule if Prospects coach wants to do a “pre-scout” (observing player in their own training and games) prior to bringing recommended player into Prospects training.

Step 3 – Upon completion of all necessary communication with house coach, Prospects Coach will invite the recommended player into Prospects training sessions in order to assess their abilities for future entry to the program. 

Step 4 – Prospects coaches to evaluate recommended player in training sessions to determine their suitability for the program. Upon completion of the assessment, Prospects coach will then send one of the following letters to the parent, copy the house coach, and Nour Fathy (

  • Prospects Offer Letter – If the Prospects coaches are confident that the recommended player possesses the necessary technical, tactical, physical and attitude/behaviour to participate in the Coastal FC Prospects Program.

  • Prospects Feedback Letter – If the Prospects coaches believe the recommended player should continue their development in the club’s house system where we will continue to monitor their progress for further opportunities in the future.