Player Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

If a player is injured and needs to be transported to the hospital, it is often useful for medical staff to know of pre-existing medical conditions.

Below is a suggested medical emergency card that can easily be completed by the player at the start of the season.

The coach should have a card for each player and they should be with the team at all games and practices. 

Technical Perspective

Implementation of periodized expert player development programs, ongoing assessment systems, and coach education to ensure the advancement of each player throughout all stages of Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development Pathway.

Community Focus

Inclusivity to all players, teams, summer clubs, coaches, volunteers, referees and executives in order to create an unconditional feeling of Club love and pride. 

Club Philosophy

To create an inclusive environment for all players, teams, coaches, volunteers, referees and staff in order to create an unconditional feeling of Club pride and passion for soccer. 

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