Please read and review all of the information below. It is important to understand the changes for the fall 2020 season. 



In June we released the safe soccer program. You can review the program by clicking HERE.


As we continue to progress our safe soccer program to gradually and safely return towards more advanced training and games, we have adapted our approach to the planning and registration for the 2020 fall soccer season. As always, we want to be thoughtful and transparent with our membership to ensure that everyone is clear on how we are managing our programs at this time. 


The fall season typically runs from September to March and the difficulty in planning this year is that, while we believe games will be played, we are not sure exactly when. This puts pressure on our ability to budget and prepare programming. We also realize that it is hard for families to make decisions and commitments  without really knowing what programs will look like. 

In order to best manage this and scale our programs up/down, we have decided to break the season into three (3) periods, although the final two periods could be combined if, at that point we are back to a normal season. The periods are: 

  • September 8 – October 9

  • October 12 – December 18

  • January 4 – March 5


As always, these dates may adjust slightly by program, with some excluded dates for holidays, field closures, etc.… 




In normal times creating a budget for the season is a fairly simple process. In a Covid era of planning, without game play, there are some obvious savings, which include: 

  • Referees

  • Uniforms

  • Game fields 


Unfortunately there are also some items that increase our expenses. Some examples are: 

  • Much higher field costs per player as there are significant restrictions on the number of players per field 

  • Higher staffing costs to supervise, clean/sanitize equipment, deliver safe sessions. All of this to ensure compliance and maximize safety 

  • Additional PPE and sanitizing supplies 


While we are asking that people REGISTER for the FULL fall season, we are going to create an instalment plan for registration fees. We feel that this is the best process for the following reasons: 

  • We can more responsibly align or budget (and fees) with the kind of program we can realistically deliver

  • Allows families who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 to spread payments over time.  

  • We need player commitment for the full season as we are preparing to play games at some point, which means the creation of rosters, placing teams in leagues, etc… this takes time and cannot be done on short notice. We need to be ready to play when it is safe to do so. 


We have programs available for those in need of financial support and/or payment plans. Here are some useful links:




If you have registration or financial aid questions contact Carina Steer csteer@coastalfc.ca



During this period we are expecting to advance our safe soccer program to a more dynamic training environment. We expect this to include: 

  • Team based training, while maintaining physical distancing 

  • Incorporation of shooting/finishing with goalkeepers

  • Small sided games 

  • Potentially some games (limited opponents) 


We feel that it is unlikely that full “normal” games will be played during this phase. 


Highlights of this phase: 

  • 5 weeks in duration 

  • All players will have 2 sessions per week (one midweek, and one weekend)

  • Sessions lead by volunteer coaches with training and oversight by professional staff 


Registration fee for this phase: 

  • $145.00 for ALL players and programs 


The registration fee is broken down as follows: 

  • $100.00 for the soccer programming 

  • $45.00 for 1/3 of the annual volunteer fee and facility fee (these are usually $100 and $35 respectively)

>> PLEASE NOTE << For all U5 - U7 players parent participation is required. 



If you have a credit code and want to use it you MUST have it with you prior to going through the registration process. 

If you should have received a code and did not or if you have lost your code please email Carina Steer csteer@coastalfc.ca




We will be releasing the next phase of information as we better understand what the program will look like. We believe that game play will occur in this phase.