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The purpose of a coach mentorship program is to supplement the certification process. This is done by giving coaches the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the game and gain further confidence in their coaching abilities. It also gives coaches the opportunity to practice their craft on a consistent basis.

A soccer-specific and sport science approach will be introduced throughout this process.

The Coach Mentorship Program will have a very easy implementation process and will begin in October 2013. The program will be available to all coaches and delievered by the following methods:

1. Seminar (practical and theoretical sessions) with TD and Staff

2. Guest Speaker Sessions

3. Monthly Newsletter

On Field Seminiars will cover topics that coaches request the most assistance with and also require the most understanding of. They will include, but not limited to:

  • Match analysis

  • Pre-match team preparation and warm up

  • Running effective training sessions

  • Systems of play

  • Warm-up and cool down protocol

  • Desgning and delivering Skill, Technique, Functional, Squad, phase of play, GAG practices

  • Coaching in Small Sided Games

  • Coaching the Goalkeeper

  • Appropriate SAQ training (age relative)

  • Shooting and finishing

  • Defending and Attacking Principles

  • Implementation of the Club playing style

  • Coaching Methodology (traditional and G.A.G.)

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