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Coastal FC’s Intake Program 


Coastal FC’s Intake Team Program is focused on introducing players to the 11 v 11 game format in a high-performance setting. This is achieved through an extensive Spring Program that includes professional coaching sessions paired with exhibition and tournament play. The primary goal of the Intake Team Program is to prepare players for success as they continue in the high-performance setting.  To help our players achieve success, our professional coaching staff provides periodic player progress reports and schedules individual player/parent meetings. 


What sets Coastal FC apart from other clubs? 

A lot. Our player first philosophy means that we’re here to support you, the player. With our tradition of excellence, you benefit from our experience both on and off the field. Many of our players have gone on to top universities in Canada and the U.S., along with representing Canada on the International stage!  Because we focus on long-term player development, our coaching staff is trained to deliver a program that supports and emphasizes each player’s abilities and achievements. Our players are our top priority. 

Evaluation and Selection Process


  1. There are 2 distinct windows in which Coastal FC can offer spots to players depending what club they play for, when are they?


Window 1 - January through February 15: Clubs can only offer spots to players that are currently registered in their club, or a designated partner’s program (North Delta FC & South Delta United)


Window 2 - February 15th Onwards: Clubs can offer spots to players from outside the club or designated partners program


Completion - March 1st: All rosters will be finalized by this date

  2. How many evaluation sessions are there?


As we continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 and the subsequent public health restrictions, we will not be hosting large gatherings of in person evaluations. However, we will continue to conduct a thorough evaluation through the various other methods available (see #3).


  3. How are players evaluated and selected?


Players will be evaluated and selected through a combination of scouting at training sessions, games, academy sessions, feedback from club coaches, feedback from Technical Directors, and by players declaring their interest through the official registration. Club Technical Directors, club coaches, and Intake team coaches have spent time familiarizing themselves with players within the age group which ensures that players have been thoroughly evaluated within the numerous environments available. This process ensures that final selections can be based on player performance over the course of the season, and not solely on two evaluation sessions. 


  4. How many players are selected?


Between 14-17 outfield players and between 1-2 goalkeepers to make a team of 16-18 players total.


  5. When will players be offered spots?


Players from inside the club and regional partnership can be offered spots at any point in the evaluation process. Some players may be offered spots immediately, while some may be offered spots later in the window.


  6. If offered a spot, do players need to accept immediately?


Players have 72 hours to accept or reject a formal offer.


  7. When will players be informed if they are not being offered a spot?


Players not being offered a spot will be informed via email on March 1st and/or once the roster has been completed.


  8. What will happen in the event the evaluations are affected by the weather or public health restrictions?


If the club is unable to evaluate players due to field closures or health restrictions, the club will offer some spots based on their knowledge of the players within the age group.


  9.   How can the club offer spots to players if on-field evaluations are affected by weather or public health restrictions?


See point #3


  10. To register your interest in being evaluated for this program, please click here:  



We hope this answers most of the common questions, however feel free to reach out to should you have any questions.

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