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July 25, 2016

South Surrey

Coastal FC and Semiahmoo Minor Hockey are pleased to announce that the two associations are working together in an effort to integrate schedules. This integration will begin with the SEMI Hockey Initiation hockey age group (5-8 yrs olds) and the Coastal FC U6 through U9. This announcement is designed to let parents of participants of both sports know of this joint effort. 

The goal of the initial set of meetings was to identify ways that a collaborative effort would help eliminate or reduce scheduling conflicts amongst the two sports and to therefore keep more young soccer and hockey players engaged playing both sports for as long as possible, at the highest level possible. Both organizations have agreed that it is in the interest of the participants to have the opportunity to play more than one sport as long as possible. Players benefit from longer-term cross training achieved through a multi-sport platform and both associations are pleased to try to help families navigate the waters of staying in both as long as they are able. In fact we are of the opinion that with several hundred children playing hockey and soccer in our community, these initiatives and efforts are long over due.

Leaders from both SEMI Hockey and Coastal FC are committed to work together going forward to possibly integrate older age groups over the next couple years. The organizations will also separately work on messaging and a mandate to its respective coaching groups that this collaboration needs their efforts and flexibility in the form of a tolerance to miss an odd hockey or soccer practice for the greater good of better athletes.

Chris Murphy, Coastal FC Executive Director commented, “Coastal FC is pleased to work collaboratively with SEMI Hockey to try and create a more efficient sports system for players and parents. We share many of the same membership and we have a duty to try and reduce the barriers to access and encourage participation in hockey and other sports. While we know there will be times when athletes may need to become sport specific, we want to ensure that these decisions are made at the appropriate time and for the right reasons; not simply because the schedule doesn’t work. A partnership with a progressive sporting group such as SEMI Hockey makes it easier to discuss the opportunities and challenges so that we can all strive to create an improved structure for our members and the community. While we know that there won’t be a solution that meets everyone’s needs, we want families to know that both organizations are committed to keep working collaboratively on some of the difficult scheduling challenges we face."

Brad Kielmann, SEMI Hockey President commented, “SEMI Hockey is proud to share this new partnership with Coastal FC. In recognizing the benefits of multi-sport athletes our associations have put families and their young athletes first in priority. Families will no longer feel pressure to choose between these two sports during the developmental years. The realization of a harmonized schedule between us is the result of the efforts from a number of committed volunteers and demonstrates the value of true teamwork. I thank the volunteers from both associations and look forward to developing further innovative ideas between us and other community partners.